BitGold inc. | Co-Founder

Josh Crumb

Josh Crumb is an engineer by training and former head of global metals strategy for Goldman Sachs.

Together with Roy Sebag, they created BitGold—a smart technology for saving, storing and spending gold right from a mobile phone or Goldmoney MasterCard. This means that we can now easily use gold in everyday life as an international currency anywhere in the world. In his interview Josh explains how we should understand gold, not as an investment or speciation, but as the best currency choice for low-risk savings anywhere in the world. BitGold has also just launched business accounts, where companies or merchants can accept gold directly or even make payments or payroll internationally using gold. Today, on BitGold’s first birthday, the company has just crossed 900,000 users, 1 tonne of gold on the network, and over $100million dollars in transactions.

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